Video Tutorial: HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Phaser

My new video tutorial series HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Phaser over at ZenvaAcademy has just gone live.

While reading a blog might be great, watching someone actually create a game in front of you is a lot more engaging and you really get a feel for what goes into making a simple game.

Over the course of about two hours, we'll build this game together: zenva runner

In the tutorial series, I'll discuss the following topics:

  • Setting up your coding environment
  • Boot State
  • Boot Create
  • Preload Setup
  • Preloading Image Assets
  • Completing the Loading
  • Parallax Effect
  • Creating the Player
  • Texts and Input
  • Intro to Game Physics
  • Player Movement
  • Prefabs
  • Groups and Recycling
  • Enemies
  • Scoring
  • The Scoreboard
  • Dealing with Death
  • Shutdown
  • Audio
  • Intro to Juiciness

I hope all you guys and gals will check it out and hit me with some feedback about how it went.

Also, stay tuned, I'm working on a new written tutorial series.